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Placing An Order FAQs

Q Do I need a account to place an order with missteeqonline?

A: All new customers have the option to create a account with us or they have the option not to create account an account therefore you could continue with the order process.

Q: How would I order a dress from Missteeqonline ?

  1. Select a garment from our website whether you want it as material or semi stitched
  2. Once chosen add the item to the basket
  3. After this process proceed to the checkout option
  4. A confirmation process will start acknowledging you what item you have chosen
  5. Enter your shipping address (All addresses must match the card holders name and address )
  6. Select a payment process you desire whether via PayPal or Normal Visa Debit transaction
  7. Once the payment process is complete you will receive a conformational email stating your Order reference number.

Q How quick will I receive my order as soon as I have ordered an item from missteeqonline             

A: Once ordered you need to give missteeqonline within 3-5 working days for the order to be processed and shipped out

Q; Do all garments come with sleeves?

A : All the garments we have online are the say as the picture if sleeves are required it can be done with a small extra fee

Q : How will my order be delivered to me ?

A: At missteeqonline we believe that all our products must reach out consumer’s safely and quickly. Our couriers are DHL, UPS and Interlink

Q: How will I know if my order has been successfully been placed and confirmed

A: Once a item is ordered and all the requirements are completed a customer will receive an email confirming there order and the status of the order

Q: Do you take orders over the phone?

A: We accept international calls and Non international calls to place orders.

Q: How do I check the current status of my order?

A: If you have created an account with us you will have the ability to check the status of the order

Q: I haven’t created an account with you how will I check the status of my order?

A: If you email us you will receive a full status of your order

Q: How can I order more than one garment from missteeqonline

A : This is a simple process which can be easily done when going to order the garments before going through the payment process. You would need to choose in the quantity box on how many garments you desire.

Q : Will an out of stock garments be available again?

A : This is a possibility if you make an enquiry about the garments you are interested in then we would check if there Is an availability of the garment 

Q Does missteeqonline have clothing which are stitched or unstitched

A : All our consumers have the option to purchase garments which are stitched based on the customers measurements or they have the ability just buy the material from us and therefore no stitching will be involved

Q What measurements do you need to order garments from misssteeqoline ?

A: If you are going to order garments which are going to be stitched this would consist of all customers giving us there measurements this would be

  • Waist
  • Bust
  • Length of the dress from the shoulder
  • Hips

Q: How will I give my measurements if I want a stitched garment?

A : This would be done after the payment and confirmation process we will phone or email to ask for measurements

Payments and Security FAQ

Q: I have been charged twice when I only bough one item?

A : During the first transaction process there may have been an unexpected error which lead to you being overcharged or doubled. This does happen however an easy solution is available the consumer who was overcharged must show substantial proof of being overcharged therefore we could  put this matter forward an return your money back after there is proof this error had occurred.

Q : Can I pay in instalments

A: Unfortunately this is not applicable all payments for orders need to pay in full amount

Q: It is my first time ordering over the internet is it safe to give my personal details and card details over the internet.

A: All details are kept confidential under the Data Protection Act 1998 .No credit card details or personal details come to us when considering the payment process all details are given to the credit card company when process and order. 

Q: During the payment process my card was declined why did this occur?

A: There are many possibilities why your payment did not go through however this is not a problems with missteeqonline payment process but it could be a problem with the card holders bank account or there card. These are the possibilities on why your credit card has been declined

  1. Credit Card declined from Credit Card Company/Bank
  2. No funds available in the card holders account
  3. Incorrect details of Credit Card
  4. Crossed Excess Credit limit available on your Credit Card
  5. Crossed Excess Credit limit available on your Credit Card

Q: Does the Credit or Bank Card I use have to be registered to the card holder’s address

A: All credit or Bank cards which are used must have the same address as the card holder’s address.

Q: Which credit and debit card do you accept?

A: At missteeqonline we accept all bank cards and as well as credit cards. These are the cards we accept - Visa/Master Card/American Express

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: We do accept payments via PayPal this can be used with your debit or bank card 

Q: I do not have a PayPal Account. How do I make the payment?

A: This is possible only based on the fact that the customer has to transfer their funds from there account via PayPal then they would have the ability to buy through PayPal

Q: I want to purchase a suit from missteeqonline however I want to send money through Western Union does missteeqonline accept Western Union?

A: Unfortunately we do not accept Western Union however all customers have the payment process via PayPal

Measurements and Alterations FAQs

Q: There are garments on the website that have no sleeves are there a possibility to put sleeves on the selected purchased garments?

A:  For sleeveless items there is a possibility to have sleeves on that garment a customer has ordered however it is best that the customer enquires or asks for it to be done before the item is stitched and dispatched

Q:  I have purchased some garments from missteeqonline and I have submitted my measurements however I have noticed that I want to change one or two measurements is this possible?

A: We insist to all our customers that all the measurements that are given are correct to size. If this error does occur all customers will have the opportunity to change the alterations but this must be done within a few hours after purchasing the garments. Please ensure that all measurements are accurate and are the right fitting before you order.

Q: Do you give a margin for made to measure suits?

A: All our made to measure suits will leave a two inch gap which the customers have already have given to us. This gives the customers the satisfaction and confidence that there will be enough space for fittings.

Q: Do I have to give my measurements straight after I have purchased garments from missteeqonline

A: The measurements can be given at any time because the suit the customer has purchased has not been stitched yet so it is not a problem for customers to give there alterations at a later period

Shipping FAQs

 Q: I have ordered suits from missteeqonline however I want to change the original address I had submitted before and I would want to change it to a new address is this possible?

A: This is possible only based on the fact that the items have not been shipped it is best if you check the status of your order and before it is shipped out you will have to email or call us to explain that you want to change the address

Q: Do you ship suits internationally?

A: Yes we do ship all suits around the world with a guaranteed promise that all customers will receive their goods due to the couriers we use to ship our items who are very reliable and deliver all our products

Q: My international order has not come and it has been a longer than I thought what should I do?

A: Please contact our customer service teams for assistance then there will be a follow up on your order and your parcel to confirm whether or not the product has reached its destination

Q: How do I track my order?

A: This is a very simple process if you have created a account with missteeqonline you will find it easier to track your order or parcel. However if you have not created an account with us you can make an enquiry or email us and our dedicated staff will give you the information you will need

Q: What is an billing address?

A: The address where you receive your card statement details is called Billing Address.

Q: What is shipping address?

A: The address where your orders are delivered is called the Shipping Address.

Q: Is my shipped product safe and will I receive it at the time it is expected?

A: All our couriers we use are trust worthy and have been used by many businesses we use couriers such as DHL, Parcelforce and Interlink

Returns and Exchange FAQs

Q: I have bought a made to measure suit from missteeqonline and I am having problems fitting into it what should I do?

A: First of all we would need to access the case and investigate what measurements you had given to us originally prior to your first order. In this case then we would check the dress if all the alterations are precise if they are you may not be liable for a refund because the fittings are precise and have a 2 to 3 inches gap enough so it provides extra room for our customers.

Q: I have purchased a red made suit from missteeqonline but it does not fit and I do not like the colour can I receive a refund?

A: A full refund is liable if it is a readymade suit and if a customer is not happy with the colour or sizing they would be fully liable for a refund.

Q: There a slight variation to the dress I had purchased I am not happy with this and I want a full refund am I liable?

A: We insist to all our customers that all our garments are the same as the picture the only difference that could be different is the brightness of the picture however there is a guarantee that all our pictures on our website are the same as what you would receive if you’re ordered any suits from us. If a customer has ordered a green anarkali however when it has been dispatched and comes to the customer as a red anarakli suit then the customer is liable for a refund because it is not the dress you ordered initially if this does occur please contact our customer service teams as soon as possible.

Q: I want to return a readymade suit will you cover my charges for the shipping?

A: At missteeqonline we will refund you the money you have paid to return a readymade suit all customers will receive a full refund for delivery