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Missteeq Online provides a step by step wedding outfit manual

Stunning. Fabulous. Amazing. These are the three words every woman loves to hear about her dress and outfit at a wedding or event.

However, dressing for a wedding is never easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest decisions a woman can make.

The colour scheme, the look, the style, the occasion and the overall theme are just some of the factors and questions that you must consider when purchasing an outfit for the event.

Over the last decade, Missteeq has been fitting out women from across the world for this special day. Using our experience and our knowledge we have created a Wedding Outfit guide for you to help you make that all important decision.

This step-by-step toolkit is a simple and easy way to ensure you look stunning and fabulous on that special day and get your name and dress on everyone’s lips for weeks and months to come.

Choose the style: This is the first question that we ask our clients. Have you got a style in mind? Are you looking for a long or a short-sleeved dress? Do you want to wear an Anarkali or a Churidaar Perhaps you are looking for a sophisticated and classy evening gown. This question is crucial to understanding exactly what outfit will match your preference. Take a look at our Bridalwear range for inspiration if you get stuck or contact us for advice.

Colour Colour Colour: For many this question is the first one they ask. Colour is the most important aspect of an outfit. Get it right and the whole outfit will look stunning. However, get it wrong and it could be a disastrous fashion faux pas. The main questions you need to ask is what colours are currently in style?  Is a particular colour more suited to my shape? Does the wedding have a particular theme that must be adhered to? Can I mix and match my colours? Missteeq has a dedicated buying team that will help you make the current decision.

Size is everything: Once you have made the decision on the above items then it is a simple case of picking the right size for the outfit. Be sure to check your correct size and then match this with the outfit. We have a size guide that will help you which can be found here

If this guide still leaves you undecided, then don’t worry. Simply contact us using our various ways of getting in touch, and one of our dedicated customer service advisor will contact you. If you are looking for a more experienced opinion, why not contact our Personal Shopper by clicking here.